Sustainable Water Supply and Irrigation

In agriculture and horticulture high quality water is essential for growing plants. This is a challenge for growers as clean water supply is becoming increasingly limited. In addition, biofilm is pervasive in every irrigation system and accounts for the largest source of water-borne plant pathogens.

Access Alternative Water Sources

EcoClearProx comes with excellent disinfection capabilities and enables growers to use alternative water sources. For example, it can be used to purify wastewater from sewage treatment plants for irrigation in agriculture and horticulture. With water tariffs having increased up to 15% across Western Europe over the last couple of years, growers save costs without compromising the quality of their produce.

Eliminating Biofilm

EcoClearProx has proven to be very effective in removing and preventing biofilm formation in extensive irrigation systems. This ensures only high quality water delivery to the plants. Additionally, it helps to prevent additional costs due to released biofilm clogging irrigation lines and emitters, which leads to extra labor, crop shrink, and irrigation equipment costs

EcoClearProx is the product of choice when it comes to circular or closed-loop-systems. Unlike many other products, it does not result in any concerning by products that might accumulate with subsequent treatment cycles.

Pest Management

Agricultural science plays a vital role in meeting the growing global demand for food and nutritional products. With up to 33% of crops lost annually due to diseases, insects pests and weeds on a global basis, farmers must take proactive measures to protect or cure plants.

EcoClearProx provides an effective and eco-friendly solution to treat and prevent various pests and horticultural diseases.


Water quality is very important in fish farming as poor quality water can affect the health and growth of the fish. Impaired water quality in aquaculture stresses aquatic animals and makes them more susceptible to infectious diseases. Fertilizer- and feed-waste effects on water quality frequently leads to dense algal blooms with severe productivity losses. 

With a very effective disinfection ECP ensures quality water supply. It supports biosecurity measures to prevent disease outbreaks.

ECP can be applied prophylactic and therapeutic against diseases like white spot disease or shellfish toxicity due to Dinophysis spp. 

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