Greener Disinfection

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing threat to human health. With that disinfection measurements for surfaces and medical instruments are an important part of hygiene in hospitals to mitigate nosocomial infections. In addition, water treatment becomes imperative, because hospital wastewater contains elevated levels of residues, pathogens, chemical reagents, radionuclide, and other harmful matter and therefore provide conditions that promote the evolution of new forms of antibiotic resistance.

Pathogen control

EcoClearProx provides an effective solution for water systems, hygiene and infection prevention in hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories.

It is an affordable, effective method of disinfecting hospital sinks, medical instruments and surfaces

ECP eliminates harmful bacteria and microorganisms in wastewater and eliminates/ prevents biofilm formation in the water system.

Surface cleaning and disinfection

Many potentially infectious bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds can survive on surfaces for considerable amounts of time. Sometimes it takes just a small but frequently used button to spread e.g. multi-resistant bacteria. Effective surface disinfection inactivates pathogens on inanimate surfaces and in turns works to prevent the spread of bacteria from person to person or object to object. Thus, surface disinfection is a proven method of disease prevention and control and is good practice for general hygiene.

While wipe disinfection is limited to the germ reduction of surfaces, aerosol disinfection enables an even distribution throughout the room and can eliminate bacteria, viruses and spores in the air and on surfaces that are difficult to reach e.g. remote corners and cracks.

EcoClearProx has strong disinfection capabilities and proven effectiveness with validated log6- reduction when tested in accordance to EN17272.

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