Water Treatment

Sustainable Clean Water Systems

Water is a vital resource used not only for human consumption, but also for industrial processes, and domestic use. Bacterial growth within piping systems and processing equipment can have a significant impact on equipment and water supply, e.g. corrosion, performance loss, and health issues.

Prevent Bacterial Growth

EcoClearProx effectively eliminates and prevents bacterial growth in water and systems, keeping maintenance costs low. Its strong disinfection and purification capabilities enable potable reuse, stormwater capture, and agricultural reuse.
ECP enables industries to use water more efficiently. Its purifying capabilities support efforts to keep water quality compliant with increasingly strict regulations, while lowering CAPEX related to wastewater treatment.

Food Processing

Food processing requires large amounts of water of varying quality for many different purposes. Water is used in direct contact with the food or food contact surfaces as well as indirectly as a processing aid.

ECP managing water quality is a necessity in food processing plants not only to avoid water and food-borne diseases but as well to maintain efficient production operations in the plant (e.g. cooling, heating or cleaning).

Biofilms can exist on all types of surfaces in food plants i.e., plastic, glass, metal, wood, food products. Thus, undesirable biofilms formation can build up about anywhere in a food processing plant. EcoClearProx eliminates and prevents Biofilm formations in the food production plant.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting provides a valuable supplement to existing water supplies by reducing demand on community water supplies/infrastructure costs, enhancing effective management of storm water runoff.

Even though rainwater is essentially pure water, it can quickly become contaminated with airborne bacteria, fungal spores and similar microbiological life forms and these will also be present in harvested rainwater. Rainwater, which comes into contact with fecal matter, will become contaminated with enteric coliform bacteria. As well, studies have shown that pathogenic bacteria like Legionella spp which are commonly found in rainwater.

Applying EcoClearProx to cisterns and collection tanks to treat the stored water will eliminate contaminants and allows risk-free use of rainwater.

Drinking Water

Livestock farmers are confronted with a broad spectrum of challenges. In this context, managing water supply and water quality becomes increasingly important.

Water is the one most important nutrient required by livestock. Decreased intake can adversely affect health, reproduction and growth. Water contamination by Bacteria and viruses can have severe impact livestock. Thus, Effective cleaning and disinfection protocols is a key factor in disease control when it comes to lowering the risk of losses caused by diseases and keeping productivity levels high.

ECP eliminates pathogens and bacteria and keeps in piping systems, drinking water and equipment. With that it prevents costly disease incidents and ensures the water quality needed for increased livestock production and feed efficiency and reduces the need for antibiotic use.

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